Missing fish turns up seven miles from home


A fish that escaped from an aquatic store in Hampshire during the February floods has been found swimming in a river seven miles away.

Chadwick, the metre-long/40" Chagoi Koi was found in the River Test in Totton. He was spotted by a dog-walker who recognised him by his distinctive coloration. He was apparently getting a lot of attention and some people were even feeding him.

Staff later managed to catch him using bread as a lure.

The floods in February hit a large area of Romsey, leading to road closure — including all access to the store — which staff described as 'Romsey World of Underwater' at the time. 

There had been several rumours of sightings of the 10-year-old fish — a firm favourite with both visitors and staff — but two months after his escape, everyone had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing him again.

Now he's back at Romsey World of Water, where he has been re-united with his long-term pal Steve the Sturgeon.