Millions spent on saving three lungfish


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The Australian government is planning to spend millions of dollars on a fishway to allow the migration of endangered lungfish, despite the apparently poor success of a similar contraption elsewhere.

According to a report from the Sunshine Coast Daily, the Queensland government has proposed the construction of a fishway for the Traveston Crossing Dam, at a cost of around $24 million.

However, a similar device installed on the Paradise Dam has seen the migration of just three fish over a three year period - making the cost around $8 million per lungfish per year.

Lungfish biologist Professor Jean Ross of Macquarie University in Sydney told the paper that the $24 million spent on the Paradise Dam fishway was "an extraordinary amount for something which did not work."

Joss, who is said to vehemently oppose the construction of the dam, said that the construction of a bypass creek allowing migrations of lungfish around the dam wall should be built.