Midas cichlid found dumped in London


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A large Midas cichid has managed to make a full recovery against all the odds after it was found dying in Beckenham, Bromley.

The 30cm/12" fish was discovered freezing in its tank, which had had most of the water tipped out so that whoever dumped the fish could carry it more easily.

The cichlid was found in Aldersmead Road on December 28.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Pulfer was called to the scene and at first he thought the fish was dead, but then he realised its gills were moving.

He told Bromley Times: "It is quite appalling really. The fish was an hour or so from death."

The cichlid was taken to rescue centre Beaver Water World in Tatsfield, Kent, where managing director Stella Quayle has been caring for it.

She told us: "The fish is gorgeous — a lovely golden colour — and has recovered really well. It's very friendly and comes to the front of the glass for a 'kiss'. It doesn't have a huge hump on its head, which may mean it's a female."

If you have any information regarding the person who dumped this fish, contact the RSPCA on 0300 1238018.

If you think you might be able to offer the fish a good home, give Beaver Water World a call on 01959 577747.

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