MicroHabitat 15 marine nano tank - watch the video!


Watch the video of our completed marine set-up, as featured in the February issue of PFK.

The February issue of Practical Fishkeeping features a step-by-step set-up of the new MicroHabitat 15 marine nano tank from TMC.

The MicroHabitat 15 is 15 l/3.3 gal in volume and is packed with useful features: a 300lph adjustable pump and large filter section built into the back, a specially made AquaRay LED light unit, preset heater, air-powered skimmer, thermometer, hydrometer and some really novel filter media options. And all for less than £100!

You can watch a video of the completed set-up below. For a step-by-step guide of how we did it, check out the February issue of PFK, on sale January 19.