Michigan may ban GM fish


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Michigan may be planning measures to prevent the sale of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) including fish, according to a report by The Detroit Business News.

The state of California banned the sale of transgenic Zebra danios, such as the GloFish last month, but the fish have gone on sale across the rest of the USA with little legislative restriction.

Although he declined to comment specifically on the fish, Todd Grischke, Fisheries Supervisor for the Department of Natural Resources in Lansing, Michigan, USA, told the Detroit Business News that he was working on new laws which would stop the sale and transportation of GMOs.

Yorktown Technologies, the distributor of the transgenic glow-in-the-dark danios they have trademarked GloFish, insists that they are safe and pose no environmental threat. California cited ethical concerns when it stopped their sale in the state.