Maxspect Mazzara LED lighting to be distributed in the UK


BCUK Aquatics has contacted Practical Fishkeeping to announce distribution of the Maxspect Mazzara LED lighting system throughout its network of retail stockists.

According to the new distributor, the Mazarra system is the most innovative solution to modern aquarium lighting to date, with plug and play LED replacement and interchangeable optics for spread or intensity of each LED.

Each module features four individually dimmable channels, adjustable LED driven current, heat sink temperature monitor and cooling fan control, wireless controller unit, eight user defined photoperiod programs, dawn/dusk mode, weather mode so the user can adjust various settings to synthesise sunny, cloudy, windy, overcast or rainy conditions and the units utilise six different types of LED bulbs.

The modules attach to a flexible mounting rail system and can also be angle adjusted once on that rail, for directional lighting capabilities.

Initially the top of the range 'P' series will be available with prices starting at £444.98 for a module and power supply. The 'S' series, a manually controllable version, will be offered from March 2012 with a starting price of £309.98 for a single module and power supply. Modules use 120 watts of electricity.

Maxspect will face fierce competition here in the UK from the recently launched EcoTech Radion and Aqua Illumination Sol and nano LED units, not to mention the UK LED market leader TMC with their very popular AquaRay range, and Arcadia with their recently launched Eco Aqua LED spotlights.

More competition and more selection means good things for potential buyers as manufacturers and their retailers fight it out on both price, light performance and their special features.

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