Marine Sources Protein Skimmers from All Pond Solutions Ltd


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Online retailer All Pond Solutions has become the exclusive distributor of Marine Sources protein skimmers in the UK.

The models are available in two varieties; for internal sump use and external aquarium use, except for the largest three as these are too big for a sump, and have at least three needle wheel Venturi pumps to be used externally to the aquarium.


The conical shapes of the skimmers allows the foam to accumulate through a gentle sloping transition which reduce overall turbulence and result in much more efficient skimming, says Mike Humphries of All Pond Solutions.


It’s also claimed that the latest needle wheel technology keeps wattage low, which lowers the water friction/pressure and, in turn, reduces the demands on power.


"This is done," explains Mike, "by the air injection carried out directly to the central part of the needle wheel which produces a much better air/water mix for even more efficient skimming. The collection cup is also easily detached via twist release."


Practical internal design also allows for bubble plate removal, for easy maintaining/cleaning.

Mike adds: "The dual air intake takes in far more air than single air inlets and noise is greatly reduced, thanks to the silencer attached to the Venturi air intake."


The three largest models, for seriously big tanks, each have a double reaction chamber designed to make the bubbles spread evenly over the upside reaction chamber and prolong contact time between the bubbles and aquarium water.

The smaller Cone range has six models — the A suffix signifying external use: CS-120 at £149.99 - 23w; CS-200 at £309.99 - 33w; CS2002 at  £354.99 - two 33w (two pumps); CSA-120 at £169.99 - 23w; CSA-200 at £349.99 - 33w; CAS2002 at £414.99 - two 33w (two pumps)

The larger Professional range comprises nine models: MS-120 at £129.99 - 23w; MS-200 at £279.99 - 33w; MS2002 at £324.99 – two 33w (two pumps); MSA-120 at £139.99 - 23w; MSA-200 at £304.99 - 33w; MSA2002 at £359.99 - two 33w (two pumps); MSA3003 at £854.99 - three 33w (three pumps); MSA3004 at £979.99 - four 33w (four pumps); MSA4006 at £1159.99 - six 33w (six pumps)

Expect a full review of the range in a forthcoming issue of Practical Fishkeeping.