Marine fish targeted in burglary


An estimated 10,000 worth of marine fish, invertebrates and fishkeeping equipment have been stolen from an aquatic centre in Oxfordshire.

CK Aquatics, which is based at Wyevale Garden Centre in South Hinksey, Oxford, was raided on Saturday night and lost their most expensive fish, as well as dry goods and books.

"We came in on Sunday morning to find that they'd crowbarred the back door in", said owner Carole Beesley.

"They've taken all of our marine stuff. The whole lot was probably worth about 10,000. We were well-stocked up for the bank holiday weekend, but now we've got hardly anything left.

"They've taken marine fish, all of our corals, three boxes of live rock, all our marine books, our TMC protein skimmers, Eheim filters, Underworld pumps and an Aqua Medic metal halide light, worth 1000 on its own."

Beesley believes that the thieves must have had a knowledge of marine fishkeeping, or that the items were stolen-to-order, as the thieves ignored the freshwater equipment and fishes and only went for the most expensive livestock and dry goods.

The haul was placed into heavy duty plastic builders' sacks, some of which were left at the scene.

Beesley told Practical Fishkeeping that several other stores in the Oxfordshire area have also had recent thefts, or attempted break-ins on their premises, with marine goods again being the main target.

Anyone with information on the theft should contact the police on 08458 505 505 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.