Marina Cool goldfish kits from Rolf C Hagen


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Pet and Aquatics company Rolf C Hagen have launched a new range of small aquarium kits aimed at introducing children to fishkeeping.

Named Marina Cool, the aquariums come in two sizes and two colour schemes, for girls or boys.

"The Coolest Aquarium for kids!"

"The unique tapered design of the Marina Cool Aquarium gives it a funky, modern look whilst providing a large front viewing area, making it easy and fun to observe your fish." Say Hagen.

"The 14 and 21 litre kits are available in a cool blue or stunning pink finish and come complete with matching gravel, plastic plants and double sided backgrounds, allowing a choice of colourful designs."

Pimp My Tank!

Continuing the appeal to young fishkeepers, Hagen also supply a range of matching accessories:

"Want some bling for your aquarium? Marina has it covered, with a host of accessories to funk up your tank." Add Hagen.

"Give your underwater world life and movement with a bubbly Starfish or Clam airstone, powered by a Marina Cool Airpump."

"Jewel-like decorative marbles in clear or blue finishes are a great finishing touch to your aquarium floor."

"You can even light up your fishes life with a Marina Cool LED light which fits handily into the aquarium lid."

"The Marina Cool LED light also retro fits any Elite Cool aquarium."

Healthy Fish = Happy Owners!

Marina Cool Kits come complete with a Marina i25 Internal Filter with waterfall spout which Hagen claim is "great for oxygenation and supreme fish health."

"The three stage Power Cartridge combines mechanical, chemical (carbon) and biological media for clean, clear and healthy water."

"The easy-change cartridge is accessed from the top of the filter and can be removed without removing the filter body for easy cleaning or replacement."

Marina Cool Aquarium Kits are available at aquatic centers now, RRP s from 44.99.

PFK guidelines

Practical Fishkeeping does not recommend goldfish to be kept in these small aquariums, and recommends a much larger aquarium instead.

Hagen produce a wide range of larger aquariums and filters, for larger fish.