Man sues after shark bites off ear


A man is suing a Chinese public aquarium after one of its sharks bit off his ear.

According to a report from Xinhua, 24-year old Liang Zhang is suing Shanghai Changfeng Park after a 12'/3.5m shark swam up behind him and bit one of his ears off.

Zhang, who is a qualified diver, was swimming in one of the aquariums with two diving instructors and two friends.

"If the shark had bitten my head strongly, I would have died..."At the end of the dive, the instructors signalled that they were to begin their ascent to the surface but a large shark swam up behind Zhang bit his head and ripped off his ear.

Xinhua says that the bite needed three stitches to close the wound and doctors removed one of the shark's teeth from the man's head.

"I was very lucky", Zhang told Xinhua.

"If the shark had bitten my head strongly, I would have died. Now I suffer from a serious mental disease as I often have visions of sharks."

Zhang claims that the sharks were being fed at the time of the attack and believes this contributed to the loss of his ear.

Zhang told Xinhua: "The feeding will stimulate the sharks to attack people.

"The park runners, who should know sharks are a fierce animal, have the obligation to protect visitors' security."

He is seeking 415,000 yuan (28,662) compensation for "mental anguish".