Man hit by falling fish tank in earthquake


A man from Napa Valley in California had an aquarium full of water land on his head during the earthquake at the weekend.

Steven Smith (20), was sleeping on the floor at the house of a friend when the 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit at about 3.20am on Sunday morning. The fish tank, thought to contain more than 90 l/20 gal of water, and weighing hundreds of pounds, fell from its stand and hit him on the head.

According to his friends, Smith had been sleeping face down and when the tank fell on his head, he stood up and started speaking gibberish.

"I was in shock; I didn't know what happened. I felt liquid running down my body. I rubbed my head and noticed I had blood on my hand," he told SFgate.

Smith suffered cuts to his head and arm. He was bandaged at the scene by a firefighter who was patrolling the area for casualties, before being taken to hospital where the wound to his head was stapled and the cut on his arm received more than a dozen stitches.

The earthquake is estimated to have caused at least $1 billion in damage to property, and left more than 100 people injured.

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