Man gives Koi mouth-to-mouth


A former Belgian ambulance driver put his first-aid skills to good use by reviving one of his pond fish with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Leo Van Aert was so happy about having saved the life of his cherished Koi he wants to name it after one of his grandchildren, the Gazet Van Antwerpen said.

Van Aert, 57, was hosting a party at his home near the port of Antwerp when his wife noticed the Koi floating on the surface of the garden pond.

He figured the Koi had had a heart attack and took it out of the water to try to resuscitate it, giving it heart massages before joining lips with the fish.

"After 15 minutes, the fish started to move again so I put him in the pond...but when he fell over again I again applied mouth-to-mouth and heart massages," he said. "That's when the fish recovered."