Male fish in US river developing eggs


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Male fish in US river developing eggs


Male fish in parts of the USA's Potomac River are developing eggs, sparking fears that pollution is spreading downriver.

According to a report from ABC News, gender-bending pollutants are believed to be responsible for the production of intersex fish in the river.

The scientists are currently analysing the water to determine what type of pollutant may have been responsible for causing the problems with the fish.

Vicki Blazer, a scientist from the the US Geological Survey, said that nine Smallmouth bass caught in the Potomac near Sharpsburg, 60 miles upriver from Washington, had developed eggs in their sexual organs.

The river, which flows for nearly 400 miles from Fairfax Stone in West Virginia to Point Lookout in Maryland, has also hit the news recently after non-native snakeheads were caught several times during the summer.