Malaysian plants banned from EU - with immediate effect!


Practical Fishkeeping has just received word that several species of aquarium plant commonly found on sale are now banned from importation.

The ban affects movements on the grounds of potential whitefly infestations. Apparently these species have been ongoing targets of Government body interceptions within the EU for a while now, and following discussions it has been agreed that as of the April 16 2012, no more of these plants shall be allowed in from Malaysia.

The ban is not expected to be subsequently lifted, and speculation is that other far eastern exporters of the species concerned will also be restricted from exporting to the EU – although this has yet to be verified.

The species now subject to banning are:

  • Anubias barteri,
  • Cryptocoryne wendtii,
  • Alternanthera spp.,
  • Hygrophila corymbosa,
  • Hygrophila salicofolia,
  • Hemigraphis spp.,
  • Echinodorus spp.

Obviously, sales and movement of these plants from inside EU sources will be unaffected, so companies such as Aquadip, Dennerle, Aquadistri and Tropica who produce their own will still be able to provide them.

It would be advised that any retailers purchasing from Malaysia displays vigilance when ordering plants, as boxes carrying them will be destroyed upon arrival to the UK. Caution would be advised if ordering mixed boxes of plants, and it would be prudent to specify that these plants are to be excluded from any mixed selection made.

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