Magnificent Marines Open Evening at Oxford store


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The Goldfish Bowl is holding a special marine-focused open evening on Thursday, September 14. The Magnificent Marines event will take place at the store in Magdalen Road, Oxford from 4pm until 9pm.

Whether you’re already a marine hobbyist or thinking about taking the plunge, this event will have something for you. There will also be representatives in-store from Tropical Marine Centre, a highly-respected and well known brand known for their specialist marine equipment, water conditioners, foods and supplements as well as being the UK authorised resellers for worldwide recognised brands including Tropic Marin, Salifert, REEF, V2 and Geisemann.

On the night, there will be talks about starting up a marine aquarium, how to improve your current set up and also a live demonstration on how to aquascape a saltwater tank. There will also be a chance for you to ask marine experts some questions one to one. There will be discounts on selected TMC products including an amazing price on some full marine set ups!

The Goldfish Bowl has over 100 marine tanks, as well as a whole room dedicated to LPS, SPS and soft corals. The store has recently upgraded the lights in the coral room, making it the proud owner of no less than nine of the stunning Geisemann Vervves. These state of the art lights mimic the lunar cycle and promote excellent coral growth.

For tropical and coldwater fishkeepers, there will be other special offers across the entire store as well as a very special one-off discount on ALL livestock. Helpful and knowledgeable staff will, of course, be on hand to discuss any aquatics-related questions or topics with you.

This event follows the very popular shrimp and aquascaping open evening at The Goldfish Bowl, which took place last October. Join them for what promises to be another fun evening!

The store is expecting big numbers so attendees are being asked to register for a place by visiting The Goldfish Bowl website.