MAC board members retire


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Three members of the Marine Aquarium Council board have retired and a number of new members have been elected to fill their vacant posts.

Bruce Bunting, Keith Davenport and Marshall Meyers reached the end of their three-year terms last month and three new members have been elected to the board.

Keith Davenport, the UK-based Chief Executive of the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) acted as Board Treasuer and has been heavily involved in the Marine Aquarium Council since its inception.

Bruce Bunting of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) stood down from his position as second Board Chair, and Marshall Meyers of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC), which performs a similar role to OATA in the USA, has stood down from his post as first Board Chair.

MAC says that all members have been heavily involved in the organisation: "Marshall Meyers was a key figure in the consultative group that led to the formation of MAC.

"Bruce Bunting has been active in his guidance of MAC's growth during the past three years.

"Keith Davenport, from the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA), has been heavily involved in the development of MAC from th e very beginning, and has been a very active supportive Board member, especially in his role as Board Treasurer.

"MAC owes much to Bruce, Keith and Marshall for the time and effort they have put into developing and guiding the organization. We cannot thank them enough. We wish them all the best."

New boardThe new board of the Marine Aquarium Council is now made up by a new lineup of leading aquarium professionals from around the world.

  • John Brandt, Secretary (Marine Aquarium Societies of North America)
  • Steven Broad, Chair (TRAFFIC International)
  • Christopher Buerner, Vice Chair, Industry (MAC Certified Importer)
  • Svein Fossa (Scandinavian Pet Trade Union)
  • Randolph Goodlett (American Marinelife Dealers Association)
  • Scott Hajost (IUCN - World Conservation Union)
  • Alex Ploeg (Ornamental Fish International)
  • Joko Purwanto (AKKII - Indonesia Coral, Shell and Ornamental Fish Association)
  • Jan Steffen (UNESCO Southeast Asia; TERANGI - Indonesia Coral Reef Foundation)
  • Lolita Ty (Philippine Tropical Fish Export Association)
  • Frank Vorhies, Treasurer pro tem (Conservation/Business Consultant)
  • Doug Warmolts, Vice Chair, Non-Industry (AZA - American Zoos and Aquariums Association)
  • Alan White (Coastal and Coral Reef Management Consultant)