Lonely boxfish falls for Moshi Monster toy


A boxfish at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre appears to have taken a real shine to a plastic toy placed in her aquarium by staff.

The Moshi Monster toy was put in the tank as part of a challenge for younger visitors to the Sea Life Centre to find six Moshlings like Blurp the batty bubblefish hidden in different displays.

But staff hadn't banked on Bess the boxfish falling for Blurp.

"Perhaps it’s because it has spikes, a little bit like the boxfish’s own horns," said curator Christine Pitcher. “Whatever the reason we think we’re going to have to leave Blurp in the tank so our boxfish doesn’t pine for her new friend."

Moshi Monsters will be appearing at Great Yarmouth Sea Life from March 29 to May 5.

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