Lobsters 'liberated' from restaurant tank


Nine lobsters have been rescued by animal rights activists from a fish tank at a restaurant in Dublin.

Members of three groups — National Animal Rights Association, Direct Action For Animals, and the Alliance For Animal Rights — posed as customers at Ka Shing Chinese restaurant on Wicklow Street last Friday. But instead of sitting down for a meal they took the lobsters from an aquarium near the front window of the restaurant and released them into the sea at Clontarf.

A spokeswoman for NARA said that it was a matter of life and death for the lobsters, which would have been boiled alive.

She told RTE News: "If it was cats and dogs in a tank in a restaurant people would have a problem with it."

The restaurant is bringing charges over the incident but the group says what it did was an act of compassion and it has no regrets.

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