Live fish found dumped in skip outside US pet store


Video of a bag containing live fish, which had been thrown out into a skip by PetSmart staff has caused outrage online.

Cheri Martin — who was sent the 31-second video by a friend — uploaded it to her Facebook page. The plastic bag containing water and fish — some of which can be seen alive and swimming — can clearly be seen.
A spokesperson for the PetSmart store in Flint Township, Michigan, which was identified as the store in the video, said: "Upon investigation we learned an associate accidentally discarded a bag of goldfish that had just arrived at the store and appeared to all be deceased. When a customer noticed the mistake, an associate was able to recover the few live fish and place them into a tank. We regret the mistake and are reviewing our policies to avoid future errors."

Video from pets mart of fish in dumpster at petsmart on miller rd this was messaged to me as you can see fish alive

Posted by Cheri Martin on Saturday, July 11, 2015

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