Live aquariums at London art gallery


Can fishkeeping be art? A group of UK aquascaping enthusiasts certainly think so and plan to show off their high-end tanks and aquascapes an art exhibition in London from November 4-6.

A couple of years ago, PFK contributor James Starr-Marshall was speaking with fellow contributors and founders of the UK Aquatic Plant Society (UKAPS); George Farmer, Graeme Edwards and Dan Crawford.  James’s ambition? To promote planted tanks and aquascaping as an art form, instead of 'just' a hobby and genre of fishkeeping.

Two years on, and after lots of hard work and preparation, the dream is set to become reality with the UK’s first ever art exhibition featuring live planted aquascapes by The Aqueous Art Movement.

James, George and Graeme are displaying eight aquariums between them ranging from 8-160 l. They’re all fully matured prior to the event, so will give the audience maximum impact. With a diverse range of aquascaping styles there’s something for all tastes, from formal Dutch style aquascaping to minimalist Iwagumi Japanese rock gardens, and everything in-between.

The Aqueous Art Movement exhibition will open for public viewing from Thursday, November 4 until Saturday, November 6.  

The exhibition takes place in the Maverik Showroom, 68-72 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DP.

With over 2,000 visitors expected it should provide a great opportunity to promote aquascaping to wider audience.

For more info visit The Aqueous Art Movement's website.

Oh – and by the way – if you like James Starr-Marshall's amazing aquascape featured at the top of the page (it's called A Door to the Cove) you can find out just how he set it up in the Christmas issue of PFK, which will go on sale on November 24.