Liberal Democrats will ban fairground goldfish


According to a report in Welsh newspaper The Western Mail, the Conservative Party is distributing leaflets around Cardiff containing a list of 10 reasons not to vote Liberal Democrat, claiming that the party wants to ban goldfish as pets.

However, when you look more closely, it appears that the Lib Dems aren't against fishkeeping per se. Instead, they actually have some ideas that may appeal to fishkeepers.

A spokesman for the Welsh Conservatives told The Western Mail: "Liberal Democrats would criminalise the long-standing tradition of allowing goldfish to be given as prizes at funfairs and community events. It is their policy to 'prohibit the giving of live animals as prizes'."

The Lib Dems also wish to raise the minimum age at which you can buy a pet from 12 to 16.

Chris Lines, the Chief Executive of the Welsh Liberal Democrats told the Western Mail: "The Tory attention span must be very short, if they have to campaign about goldfish.

"This is a complete distortion. The fact is that many people take the issue of animal welfare seriously and think it wrong for pets to be given away as prizes at fairgrounds.

"Our conference decision on these issues, covering all animals and not just goldfish, was taken after considering a thoughtful and well-researched paper on the matter."