LED Nano Cube Reef Aquarium from D-D The Aquarium Solution


British company D-D look set to add another model to the popular range of Nano Cubes.

The new LED model looks set to replace the existing HQI 28 US gallon model in the UK, and will come either with protein skimmer or without it.

This adds the option of using the stick on LED Nano Glo refugium light in the back, which D-D say adds to the flexibility of the range.

The tank offers the same smooth rounded glass corners with the necessary filtration, lighting, and circulation for a mini-reef or freshwater aquarium.

The flip top aquarium canopy can be flipped back and held in place for easy access for tank cleaning and feeding.

They are expected to arrive in the UK in summer 2010, with a full Practical Fishkeeping Magazine review also in the pipeline.