LED lighting from CoraLed


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Huddersfield based LED lighting company CoraLed have sent PFK a sample of their product for testing.

"CoraLed Lighting is designed to give as much light for the lowest power consumption." Says Ian Baker of CoraLed.

"LED aquarium lighting is the Green way forward. Our 12 LED units use only 27 watts of electricity."

"One to four units can be run with our 3 amp Power Supply Unit (PSU) and five to eight can be run with our 6 amp PSU."

"The units can be made up as single units or in multiples of up to 8 in 1 luminare, we can also make our units to your specifications if required, in up to lengths of 10 feet."


"The life of our LED's is in the region of ten to eleven years at a usage of twelve hours per day, this will save money on your replacement of tubes and lamps every six to twelve months."

"We use the latest LED technology available from five of the worlds leading companies in this field and we guarantee our LED aquarium lighting for five years and one year for our PSU's."

"The mix of white and blue LED's gives a correct spectrum of light for the growth of corals which has been tested with excellent results, and the PSU can be supplied as a straight on / off or computer controlled to offer variations of fade up blue, fade up white, run time, fade down and intensity."

"We also anticipate being able to incorporate the 28 day lunar cycle fairly soon and of course our LED units give off the much desired 'ripple' effect."

There are no set retail prices but expect to pay from 600 to over 2000 depending on model.