Larger Superfish PondECO Plus E pump now available


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Superfish has launched a new, larger size of its ultra-efficient electronic filter pumps for ponds.

Superfish PondECO Plus E pumps feature the latest generation electronic drive, saving up to 75% on energy costs. The latest addition to the range is the PondECO Plus E 12000, which has a power consumption of 85W and an RRP of £159.99.

With a high water flow output and low energy consumption (approximately 5W per 1000 l/220 gal) PondECO Plus E pumps are suitable for both submerged and dry mounted use and feature run dry protection, so if your pond springs a leak and there is no water in the pump chamber, the pump will stop automatically.

There’s also a 24-hour pick up and replacement guarantee, so if the unit breaks down a new pump will be delivered within 48 hours, free of charge (Monday to Friday).

The new addition brings the current range to five models: PondECO Plus E 3500 (14W), 5000 (22W), 8000 (41W), 10000 (68W) and 12000 (85W). RRPs start at £99.99.

More info: Tel 0115 982 3900 or 01767 677075 for details of your nearest stockist.

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