Koi producers hit by earthquake


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Koi producers in Yamakoshi area of Japan have been among those affected by the recent earthquake to hit the region.

According to The Japan Times, the earthquake which struck on Saturday has killed 25 people. Thousands of the residents of the Niigata prefecture - the world's biggest Koi producing area - have been airlifted to safety, and there have also been evacuations in other places.

Much of the Yamakoshi area, in the heart of Niigata's Koi producing area, has been damaged by the quake and subsequent landslides.

Meteorological Agency officials told The Japan Times that the extensive damage was probably due to the ground being so wet from recent heavy rains caused by typhoon Tokage, which swept through the area last week.

Koi enthusiast Alan Coogan was in the area at the time and has posted some of his photographs of the devastation on Koi keeping forums.

A number of fish producers may have lost their businesses, homes and fish in the disaster.