Koi killed in washing-up liquid prank


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Pranksters have killed 19 Koi in a garden pond in South Shields by pouring washing-up liquid into their pond.

Darren Corkin, 34, from West Harton, South Shields, returned home from work to find his pond filled with bubbles and his fish dead, says a report in The Shields Gazette.

The 19 young Koi in the pond, which were only a few inches long, are believed to have suffocated.

Corkin told The Shields Gazette: "Ever since I got the fish, I went out and checked them every night. This night I went out and the pond was just a massive bubble.

"I was so angry. I only had the Koi carp for a couple of months.

"I have always had fish, but I was getting the garden done, so decided to put a pond in.

"I was told two of the Koi carp were quite rare. It was a nasty thing that happened. All I wanted was a nice garden

for the kids to play in and this happens.

"The two oldest children were devastated when they found out."

The pond has since be cleaned and the traces of detergent removed, but Corkin says he is wary of replacing the fish.

Anyone with information on the incident should contact South Tyneside Area Command on 08456 043 043.