Koi become street art theme in U.S. city


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If you live in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, U.S., chances are you'll have come across Koi on the pavement.

In fact there are Koi spray-painted throughout neighbourhoods in the east Side, Riverwest and Third Ward — they even 'swim' along a bike trail in one area.

The street artist responsible is Jeremy Novy, who says he became interested in Koi while studying ancient and contemporary art in China. He told the Wisonsin Gazette in an interview that he chooses areas where people gather, so they see something with beauty and colour, which will hopefully make them think a bit more. He says with his art he's "trying to send out love, harmony, peace, equality and all those things that you can find within what the Koi stand for. "

You can read the full interview at the Wisconsin Gazette and see more of Novy's art on his facebook page.

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