King British Catfish Comp goes live!


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King British Catfish Comp goes live!

King British are asking you to share pictures of your catfish for the chance to win top prizes!

Entry is easy. Simply take a cool shot of your catfish or catfish crew, then upload it to the King British Facebook page.

The person who takes the winning photo will receive an awesome prize bundle, including an 80-litre Superfish Home aquarium (with in-built filter and LED lighting), a Plecostomus Plush toy, a King British specialist food bundle including Algae Wafers, Plecostomus Tablets and Catfish Pellets, and a King British Complete Guide to Catfish!

Four lucky runners-up will also each receive a Plecostomus Plush.

The competition goes live as of February 1st 2018, and runs through until 28th Feb. Get those picture in to be in with a chance!