Juwel launches protein skimmer at Interzoo


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After at least a decade of waiting, Juwel has finally released its own protein skimmer, which is designed to make it easier for fishkeepers to upgrade their Juwel aquarium for marine use.

Juwel's aquariums have been probably the most widely used tanks in the UK for over a decade and many fishkeepers have previously had to modify their aquariums to accommodate a protein skimmer.

The new skimmer makes upgrading a Juwel for marine use very easy and does so without damaging the aquarium itself, as some other upgrades can do.

The Juwel Skimmer 3.0 is an internal unit with similar dimensions to the Juwel internal filter and is designed to sit in the opposite corner of the aquarium attached to the rear and side glass.

The Juwel Skimmer 3.0 uses a magnetic mount, rather than the usual suckers, allowing a secure fit that won't deteriorate with time, as suckers can.

The unit is powered by a 1500 lph powerhead water pump and includes a flow adjuster at the base and a surface skimmer at the top.

The protein skimmer collection cup sits above the tank via a new push-out porthole which is to be included in the rear top flap of all new larger Juwel models.

The units come with a two-year guarantee. The Juwel Protein Skimmer 3.0 is due to be launched in the UK around September 2010 but the price is not yet confirmed.