Juwel is soon to release their new FilterGrid, for the protection of your small fish and shrimp


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It is just about to hit the market, and I’ve got a feeling the new FilterGrid is going to be well-received by Juwel aquarium owners.

I’ve put a finer mesh over the inlets of a Juwel Bioflow filter before, I bet many others have too. It worked to ensure that fish (Kuhli loach if I remember rightly) and shrimp didn’t make their way into the filter but, it did clog the inlets far quicker than usual.

Juwel have now addressed the issue in fine style. How do you stop it clogging quickly – increase the surface area, simple. The lower section sits slightly proud, and the bulbous top grid clearly has a good surface area to draw water through.

The one-size FilterGrid kit suits the Bioflow Super, M, L, and XL, with the lower section the same for each, the top part of the FilterGrid slides open to suit the width of the different filter models.

I haven’t seen it in the flesh yet, but I expect a sturdy build quality from Juwel. It looks simple to fit and use, but watch this space - we’ll have a full used and abused review in our Gear Guide section in several weeks.