June 2009 issue on sale now


The June 2009 issue of Practical Fishkeeping is on sale from May 13th to June 10th.

Focus on Jewel cichlids: Little is known about some Hemichromis but that s the challenge, says Mary Bailey. Cheeky little monkeys!: Even their name sounds mischievous! Emma Turner says Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki are such fun in every way. Capers in the batcave: Michael Lo makes some surprise discoveries in a subterranean stream deep in remote Borneo. Nano tank guide: 10 pages of advice on buying tropical freshwater and tropical marine nano tanks, lighting and the fish and inverts to put inside them.

Ask our Experts: Tips, advice and the answers to your questions, plus a glossary of fishkeeping terms. Great Planted tanks: Mark Evans set up this superb planted display tank in his local aquatic shop. George Farmer finds out how he did it. Rekawa and rice: Jeremy Gay continues on his journey of discovery with the Marine Conservation Society in Sri Lanka by heading out to find treasures in the marshes. Get into fishkeeping: Big may be spectacular but could also be problematic. Neale Monks warns of potential issues when setting up jumbo communities. Readers top shops: The top aquatic retailers as voted for by the readers of PFK. Shoptour: we visit Herefordshire.

Ugly duckling transformed: John Robertson introduces an anabantoid that may start life as drab but ultimately turns into the beautiful ~swan of the fishkeeping world. Pure fascination: Wolfgang Ros admires Cephalosilurus, Julian Dignall enthuses about all things catfish. Together they explain why this genus can be so rewarding. Aquatic artistry: Painting without a brush, building without mortar " aquascaping is nevertheless a skill that can richly reward inspired enthusiasts. Graeme Edwards explains. Back to basics: George Farmer looks back over his latest series and re-examines the most important lessons that need to be absorbed.

Taming the troublemakers: Many of the most attractive tangs are the most difficult to keep. Phil Hunt explains more. 20 marines to avoid!: Scott Michael identifies 20 fish and invertebrates that for various reasons should remain in oceans rather than move to living rooms... Frequently asked questions on Ultra low nutrient systems: Want to know more about ULNS? Eric Michael Sanchez has some answers that may help. Keeping it clean!: Pond filters have clearly defined functions, but different types do them in different ways. Keith Holmes looks at the options available.

Tried and Tested: News, views and opinions on the latest fishkeeping gadgets, including an exclusive head-to-head review of the new Fluval Edge and the biOrb Life. News: The latest news and expert analysis from the world of fishkeeping. Your tanks: We take an in-depth look at Aaron North and James Maslin's tanks. Subscribe!: Get a free Fluval E series heater worth 38 when you subscribe to Practical Fishkeeping. Winning Team: Hagen s club pages. Next month:What s in store in the next issue of your favourite magazine. Tailpiece: News and views from the PFK office.