July 2008 issue on sale now


The July 2008 issue of Practical Fishkeeping is on sale in the shops now.

Here's a taste of what you'll find inside this issue:

Focus on fancy goldfish: Love 'em or hate 'em, fancy goldfish are hugely popular. We look at what's available and explains how to care for them. Get into fishkeeping: Fellow fishkeepers are among the best sources of information, but not all ideas held by them are necessarily scientifically accurate! Dr Neale Monks explodes some commonly-held myths. Nuggets are a treasure: Success with Baryancistrus has to be earned but, as Ingo Seidl explains, under the right conditions your efforts can be rewarded.

Barbed response: Wrongly maligned for being fin-nippers, barbs are some of the best fish for the home aquarium, says Dr Neale Monks. Nano nurturing: George Farmer's step-by-step guide explains why and how he's set up his little tank and discovers the virtues of non-CO2 injection.

New colours in the lakes: Chris Lukhaup explains why freshwater shrimps endemic to two Indonesian lake systems are creating excitement. Readers' Poll 2008: Your chance to vote for your favourite retailers, manufacturers and products of 2008. Change for the better: The elusive Badis badis can alter its colour into beautiful shades - but John Rundle feels this shy fish deserves more popularity.

Perfect imperfection: Follow in the footsteps of a master to create something than in theory can never be finished. Tom Messenger introduces a new concept in aquatic planting. Bewildering beauty: If there's one plant that can easily confuse the newcomer to water gardening, it has to be the Lobelia. John Rundle explains why.

Trop Idol update: Our contestants complete their third challenge, the marine nano. Find out how they got on - and how you can vote one out of the competition. Don't malign the mozzies: Mary Bailey stands up to defend the tilapias which seem to have an unfair reputation and few friends in the aquarium hobby. Wise up on wipe-outs: Why do our fish die for no apparent reason? There can be many causes, says Nathan Hill. Mexico awakes: Wild fish habitat has been disappearing fast, but the country is finally becoming aware of its environmental responsibilities, reports Dr David Ford.

Sister act: Two related Paretroplus cichlid species have finally become available to the hobby. Tom Williams describes how to care for the newcomers. Standing out from the crowd: There are so many members of the goby family that we can only hope to become familiar with a few favourites. Phil Hunt tries to enlarge the family tree. Dated by dazzling: Reefkeeping as a hobby has existed for over a quarter of a century. Les Holliday meets Richard Musgrove who has maintained the same tank since the late 1980s. Draining resources: Keith Holmes explains all you need to know about getting rid of waste in your pond. Algae magnets: Whoever invented in the algae magnet should be richly rewarded, says Jeremy Gay.

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500 ways to be a better tropical fishkeeper: This is a great book full of snappy tips - 500 of them! These are presented in logical sections that cover a wide range of practical topics, including buying fish, setting up an aquarium, filtration, water quality, heating, lighting, feeding and maintenance. In fact, all aspects of becoming a successful tropical freshwater fishkeeper.

You'll also receive an Interpet New Aquarium Startup Kit - a simple step-by-step course for a trouble-free aquarium start-up. It takes your aquarium from fresh, raw tapwater to a mature, safe environment for fish. It contains Fresh Start to remove dangerous chlorine and heavy metals from your tapwater, Filter Start to add bacteria which establish the filter, pH and nitrite test kits and a handy step-by-step leaflet explaining how to safely start up the tank.

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The July 2008 issue of Practical Fishkeeping is on sale from June 11 to July 8 2008.