Jock the tank-cleaning octopus


Tired of algae wiping your glass? Staff at the Loch Lomond Sea Life aquarium in Scotland recently had their workload lightened by the presence of a helpful octopus who does it for them.

When he's not busy rearranging décor, or moving toys, Jock has taken to scrubbing off the inside of his glass using a pad and magnet.

At first he was in an observing role, sitting back and learning the ropes. But Leigh Hotson, displays supervisor at the aquarium says: "When I started to clean Jock's window, he grabbed hold of the inside cloth and took over."

Leigh suspects that Jock is intrigued by the limpet-like response of the magnet, but whatever the appeal, he is happy to take over and scrub away at his tank at every opportunity.

"Giant Pacific octopuses are intelligent creatures capable of solving complex puzzles," Leigh goes on to say.

Now it's just down to Jock to work out the gift that staff gave him when he arrived from the US — a set of bagpipes. Whether he'll work out what this 'tartan octopus' is, is anyone's guess…

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