Jeremy Gay is ADA IAPLC judge for second year running


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Practical Fishkeeping and Pet Product Marketing editor Jeremy Gay has been chosen as an International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest judge for 2013.

"After a thorough judgement of over 2000 submissions, we are happy to announce that the top 100 aquatic layouts have been decided," said Jordan Condit of the IAPLC 2013 Contest Steering Committee.

"We will be sending the photos of these aquatic layouts to all of our judges next Thursday, July 11."

UK entries
This year there were 2164 applications from 57 countries. As you might expect the highest number entries came from Japan, at 662, with the UK ranking 20th, with 21 entries.

A notable trend is the growing momentum for aquascaping in eastern Europe, with Poland sending 42 entries, Hungary 31 and Russia 28.

"It will be interesting to see what the aquascaping trends will be for this year, said Jeremy Gay, "as last year was very much the year of the pathway, and the terrestrial tree 'scape.

"I view at least 100 aquascapes a day as part of my day job and have been putting together and publishing my own and other aquascapes for 11 years now.

"I remember thinking a few years ago that perfection had already been achieved by some, and that 'scaping couldn't get any better, but I continue to see the standard of aquascapes improve both here in the UK and internationally."

"Even the man himself, Takashi Amano, produces better and better aquascapes and nature aquariums now make up a huge sector of the aquatic hobby in their own right."

I can't wait to view and judge the top 100, and fingers crossed there will be a few UK entries in there too!

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