It's Blinky, the three-eyed crab!


This three-eyed crab was discovered in a river in New Zealand - and it's actually thought to be two crabs rolled into one!

The crab is a specimen of a tiny freshwater species called Amarinus lacustris.

Like its fishy namesake from The Simpsons, instead of the usual two eyes, this crab has three — one of which is located in the centre of its forehead. But unlike the cartoon character, it hasn't been exposed to nuclear waste.

In addition to the extra eye, it was also found to have an odd antenna-like structure on its back. No other animal has been found with this particular pattern of malformation, reports New Scientist.

On closer examination it was discovered that the animal's brain hadn't grown properly either, being small and deformed.

Gerhard Scholtz of the Humboldt University of Berlin in Germany, who found the crab back in 2007, thinks that this specimen is actually two crabs — a case of conjoined twins.

The only evidence of the other twin is an extra set of eyes. One of this set grew between the normal pair while the fourth eye grew on its back where, possibly following some kind of damage, it regenerated into the 'antenna' the scientists found there.

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