Israeli power station under threat - from jellyfish


A swarm of jellyfish is causing a power station in Israel huge problems.

The power station in Hadera uses sea water for cooling off purposes, but enormous numbers of jellyfish have been sucked into the cooling system.

The plant is run by Israel's Electric Corp, which warned that unless the problem is sorted out, cities around Israel could be without power.

Plant worker Nachum Plaumbaum explained that once in the system the jellyfish diffused to become "gels".

"This gel blocks the condenser and interrupts the condensing of the steam. And in severe events, it might stop the power plant from producing electricity," he said.

There are other concerns over the safety of workers at the plant, with some reporting that they have been stung by jellyfish while loading boxes.

To see the scale of the problem, watch the video.

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