Is this the ultimate aquarium?


Fancy having this wrap-around aquarium as an office - or even a bedroom? This £900,000 fish tank has a room inside it that's big enough to throw a party!

Fancy being surrounded by the ocean as you work, rest or play? This amazing fish tank features a room in its centre and is the brainchild of James Bruce of Red Fin Aquarium Design, based in Hong Kong.

Bruce told South China Morning Post: "We created a circular-shaped aquarium with no corners to detract from the feeling of immersion. The inner space is 10m wide, which means a floor space of more than 75 square metres that can be used for dining and parties."

The 35-tonne acrylic tank (which costs £725,000 on its own) holds 160,000 l/35,195 gal of water and houses nearly 1000 fish of more than 100 species. It also includes reef janitor species such as shrimps, crabs, urchins and snails, along with stony coral frags.

"Aquarium owners are often very conscious of where the livestock is sourced from, and it is important to them that the fish and invertebrates are aquacultured or collected under sustainable quotas," Bruce added.

The whole state-of-the-art life support system is computer-controlled, with the lighting following the exact day and night-time cycles of the Coral Triangle.

The £900,000 price tag is inclusive of installation at £46,700 as well as a £70,000 one-year maintenance contract with Red Fin Aquarium Design, which includes feeding the livestock and cleaning of the tank twice a week by a professional diver.

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