Is this the most expensive aquarium in the world?


We think it probably is! If you happen to have £3 million sitting around doing nothing, you could have one of these. But you'd better not hang about, as only three of them are being made!

The AquaVista Dinosaur Gold edition aquarium features 68kg of solid 24ct gold, two side veneers made from mammoth tusk, with a piece of T-Rex bone diagonally shaved into the tusk. So it has historical value too!

AquaVista UK had asked Stuart Hughes to design them something unique – and they certainly got it! The project took four months to complete.

This panoramic wall aquarium features a dual filtration system, heater, air pump, lighting, CO2 generator, and automatic feeder that is controlled by an easy to use programmable 24ct gold touch-screen control to simplify all functions.

AquaVista will install the aquarium for you, and they say from there it's less than 15 minutes a month maintenance.

The AquaVista Dinosaur Gold edition is available in a limited edition of just three.