Is this the first eel to post on social media?


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An Electric eel has been given his own Twitter account - and he uses his own energy to tweet to followers.

Miguel Wattson (@EelectricMiguel) has an account that posts messages automatically whenever he discharges enough electricity in his tank at the Tennessee Aquarium in the US.

Miguel's aquarium has special probes installed that monitor the level of electricity and also connect to an amplifier so that visitors can hear the static pops that he produces. The strength of each discharge is also indicated by a set of LED lights.

But staff at the aquarium also wanted him to have an online presence, so with the help of Tennessee Technological University, a computer board, wireless dongle and a connection to a voltmeter on the tank were all rigged up. Most of his tweets are sent on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, when Miguel is fed — that's when he discharges enough power to trigger the post.

You can see him strutting his stuff in the video below: