Is LED lighting PAR for the course?


Product tester Levi Major has just taken over 2000 PAR readings from virtually every aquarium LED available on the UK market...

Well, PFK have jumped straight in at the deep end to join the lighting debate by testing the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) output of the majority of the current LED units on the UK market.

While we have not yet been able to cover every unit available, the article in next month's magazine provides an in-depth look into the KR-91 and KR-92 models produced by Ecolamps, Arcadia's OT2-LED, a pendant from Reef Beam, Coraled's luminaire as well as TMC's marine white and reef white 1000 HD tiles and their 500 LED strip counterparts.

In addition to these dedicated reef products, we were able to get hold of a twin 70W LED streetlight replacement, some flexible LED strips, and even an energy saving light bulb designed for light therapy use.

Of course it would not have been fair if we did not provide a comparison to T5 and metal halide lamps, so these too have been covered in this comprehensive review. It is safe to say there are some really interesting and unexpected results!

For those of you who are au fait with your lighting there is plenty of data to help you chose the best light for your particular situation.

However, for those just starting out on the road to discovery we have covered all bases and provide an explanation of what is important about lighting, what you do and do not need to know and we explain just how these lights measure up.

Of course, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered in the overall question of which is the best light - but the upcoming article is a massive plunge into the debate and will help you decide which avenue to take on lighting your reef.

This will no doubt be a hot topic and PFK are devoted to providing you the answers and we will expand on the testing as and when further products and options become available.

And thanks to the hard work of the PFK team we now have the website and forum back so the discussions can continue!