'Iron Man' jet packs could be bad news for fish


A new water sport in Hawaii that propels people up to 30' into the air is leaving experts wondering how marine life in the area will be affected.

Known as 'Jetlev', it works by pumping water from a backpack through a hose connected to a boat. Another device, called Flyboard, which propels riders 45' into the air has already gained popularity in San Diego, Key West and Cancun, Mexico.

Experts fear the new craze could pose a danger to the aquatic ecosystem, as fish and coral larvae could get sucked into the equipment. Riders could also crash into a reef or land in the path of a boat while dive-bombing into the water.

In addition, the device is fairly noisy and scientists fear this might have an effect on marine life in the area if the sport becomes popular.

You can see a video promoting Jetlev below.


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