Interzoo: Reef One launches new biOrb Life aquarium range


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Reef One, the UK-based manufacturer of the biOrb and biUbe aquariums, has launched its new biOrb Life aquarium range at Interzoo 2008 in Germany.

Paul Stevenson, owner of Reef One, told Practical Fishkeeping: It comes in three sizes. We have a 30 litre, a 45 litre and a 60 litre. It uses the identical filtration system everybody is used to in the biOrb. It has an LED lighting system, so we have sunrise, sunlight, sunset, moonlight system of lighting.

The biOrb Life aquariums are made from 6mm acrylic and have a clear, flat front and rear panel glued to a coloured gloss acrylic wrap. The tanks sit upon an 8mm clear acrylic base.

Like the biOrb, access to the inside of the new aquariums is via a circular port in the top, into which the recessed lighting unit sits.

The 30 litre model is square in shape, while the larger 45 and 60 litre models are portrait shaped.

Retail prices are 200 to about 275 depending on the size that you go for. There are three colours; we have red, black and white, and those colours are available in all three sizes, said Stevenson.

Reef One expects the Life aquariums to be on sale in UK retail stores by the end of July 2008. The products are due for their official launch in the UK at the GLEE trade show, which is held at the NEC in September.

Reef One launched the biOrb in 2000 and has since sold 500,000 in the UK alone.