Interzoo: Dennerle launches Nano Cube tanks for shrimps


Dennerle has lauched a range of nano tanks and associated equipment aimed specifically at the growing number of hobbyists interested in keeping freshwater shrimps.

The Dennerle Nano products, which have been in collaboration with shrimp expert and Practical Fishkeeping contributor Chris Lukhaup, are based around three cube-shaped aquariums and come in 10 litre, 20 litre and 30 litre sizes.

Each Nano Cube aquarium comes with a clip-on Dennerle Nano Light (9W or 11W); a Dennerle Nano Corner filter, and a selection of products aimed at keeping shrimps including Nano Water Conditioner, Nano Daily Fertiliser and Nano Crusta-Fit, a food aimed specifically at shrimps.

Dennerle has also launched a number of other products for the aquariums, which are promoted on the Nano Cube packaging. These include dcor such as Crusta Tubes and Crusta Caves, a shrimp substrate called Shrimps Gravel Bed Borneo Brown, and some Catappa almond leaves cut into smaller leaf shapes better suited to tiny tanks.

The packaging of the Nano Cube includes a simple pictorial guide to setting up one of the tanks using the supporting products and Dennerle claims it's possible to have the tank up and running in just 60 minutes.

Lukhaup told Practical Fishkeeping: Dennerle asked me if I could help them to put something on the market for the shrimps. So we sat together and we thought about what we could do.

I like concepts. Not just one little tank with shrimps; I would like to have everything, like filters, like heaters, like all of the products you need for the thing. And Dennerle picked up this idea and I think they developed something really nice.

Lukhaup said that the smallest Nano Cube can hold around 10-15 of the smaller species of shrimp, such as the Sulawesi species.

The Dennerle Nano Cube range is due to go on sale in the UK later this year. Prices are expected to start at around 99 for the Nano Cube 10 litre.

Keep an eye on the magazine and website for an in-depth review of the Nano Cube aquarium.