Interpet launches Vivo aquarium


Interpet has launched a new aquarium aimed at children which is to be sold exclusively at the pets superstore chain Pets at Home until December.

The Vivo aquarium is made from shatterproof acrylic and comes with a low voltage power supply, which powers a small filter and some discrete LED lighting concealed within the domed canopy.

The Vivo has a digital display panel on the front of the aquarium to warn the owners when the tank needs to be cleaned or maintained.

The aquariums also come with a unique choice of decor. Each includes an eight-piece obstacle course for fish to swim through, and owners can upgrade their system by installing a theme-pack to make their Vivo look completely different. Available theme packs include Mermaid, Haunted House and Space Station.

The aquarium is backed by a full range of accessories including an airpump, automatic feeder, test kit and water treatments.

At 25 litres, the Vivo is rather smaller than Practical Fishkeeping would normally recommend for the long-term care of goldfish. However, the system is nonetheless a better choice than many other goldfish systems on the market aimed at children because it includes filtration and provides better guidance in the care of the fish.

The Vivo is available exclusively at branches of Pets at Home until December at a price of 79.99, but will then go on general release across the UK.