Inspirational aquariums: Posh nature aquarium


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If you're going planted, you just have to attempt a nature aquarium at some point.

The tank pictured here has all the classic ingredients, including a Glossostigma carpet covering the foreground, green Rotala clipped into mounds and a design that leads the viewers through the aquascape and beyond.

Top this set-up off with a shoal of small tetras and some shrimps.

What you will need

120 x 60 x 60cm/48 x 24 x 24” rimless tank with Japanese-style cabinet  £750

Luminaire choice of lighting , either T5, metal halide or LED £450

Pressurised CO2  system £150

Heater £20

External filter £90

Substrate fertilser £50

Liquid fertilisers £20

Substrate £25

Test kits £20

Plants £100

Total: Expect to pay around £1,675.

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