Inspirational aquariums: Planted pico


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Even in the smallest of living spaces there's always room for one of these little beauties!

Measuring 20cm/8in cubed and holding only 8 l/1,8 gal, this is ideal for your desk or small table. The tank comes with a built-in halogen lamp capable of encouraging most plants, especially with CO2 injection, as featured here using a pressurised cylinder, glass bubble counter and diffuser.

Livestock choice is limited and only small shrimp should be considered. There’s no filter and water changes are done daily to ensure algae does not proliferate. The décor — dead heather wood — is locally collected. Fine-leaved stems form the background, with mosses and a Hemianthus lawn.

What you will need

20 x 20 x 20cm/8 x 8 x 8” tank and light £100

Pressurised CO2 nano system £70

Substrate £5

Liquid fertilisers £10

Plants £15

Total: Expect to pay £200

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