Inspirational aquariums: Modernist approach


Clean and serene, this aquarium has real impact because of its hardscape — wood and rocks — accompanied by minimal planting and a few small fish.

What you will need

Tank: A medium size of 60 x 45 x 45cm/24 x 18 x 18”, plus a stand or cabinet. It needs to be of a compact shape and should be tall and wide, front to back.

Expect to pay around £300 for a Juwel Lido complete set-up or £200 for a bare tank and cabinet.

Lighting: The featured tank has LED lighting, creating a dramatic effect with strong beams of light and contrasting shadows.

Expect to pay £200 for a decent LED package.

Filtration: This tank has a built-in corner filter, so opt for a simple internal filter, built-in internal box filter or an external.

Expect to pay £30 for an internal filter, £50 for a Juwel filter and £70 for a good, medium-sized external.

CO2: A nano pressurised set has been used here, complete with ceramic diffuser, bubble counter and drop checker.

Expect to pay £70 for such a set.

Décor: Large smooth stones arranged around branching wood. Soak the wood first to remove tannins and to make it sink.

Expect to pay £50 for the rocks and £30 for the wood.

Plants: These plants are demanding species and will need that strong lighting and CO2.

Expect to pay £50 for ten pots of quality plants.

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This item was first published in the December 2010 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine. It may not be reproduced without written permission.