Inspirational aquariums: Medium-sized reef tank


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Want to get into marines? Why not set up a fabulous modern reef tank like this one...

The dream of many fishkeepers is to own and run a successful reef aquarium. There is a large initial outlay and fairly high running costs, though the results can be spectacular.

Don’t buy a system too large for you to afford to stock and keep looking good. We’ve priced up a system with individual components, though you could opt for an all-in-one system ready made for £1,500-2,000.

What you will need

120 x 50 x 50cm/48 x 20 x 20” tank, cabinet and hood with sump and pipework £800-1,500

Protein skimmer £200

Circulation pumps £200

LED, metal halide or six T5 lights £500

Heater £30

Live rock £250

Aragonite substrate £30

Salt (25 kilos) £60

Refractometer £40

Phosphate remover £25

Test kits £60

Total: Expect to pay £2,000-2,500, excluding livestock.

Optional extras

Chiller £500

UV steriliser £100

Calcium reactor + CO2 system £400

Zeovit reactor £200

Balling method peristaltic dosing pump £300

This item was first published in the Christmas 2009 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine. It may not be reproduced without written permission.