Inspirational aquariums: Cool chaos!


Amid all those immaculately trimmed planted tanks there will always be a startling contrast. Here's one that simply dares to be different.

In terms of planting layout style this aquascape is beyond jungle — it’s chaos. Your fish will love it and with that huge plant biomass you shouldn’t get any algae either.

Set up for plant specialists Tropica by German aquascaper Oliver Knott, this aquascape originally followed a hardscape and planting plan — but the new plant variety Hygrophila pinnatifida completely took over in the short time between set-up and display at German pet trade show Interzoo.

That Hygrophila is stunning and well worth looking out for. As for leaf shape it’s not unlike the Bolbitis fern, but this one grows much faster, carries a red tinge under the green and seems to leapfrog its way across other plants and décor in a really haphazard style.

What you will need

Tank: 100 x 50 x 50cm/40 x 20 x 20"

Expect to pay £400

Lighting: Overtank luminaire lighting (four 39w T5s)

Expect to pay £250

Filtration: External power filter (1,200 lph)

Expect to pay £90

Heating: 300w external in-line heater

Expect to pay £45

Substrate: Aquatic Soil substrate for planted tanks

Expect to pay: £50

CO2: Complete pressurised CO2 kit

Expect to pay: £150

Fertilisers: £20

Plants: £100

Fish: £50

Total: £1,155

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