Indonesia may import Israeli KHV vaccine


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The Indonesian government is considering importing a Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) vaccine from Israel to protect its ornamental fish industry.

According to a report from Antara, Darnas Dana the Director of Fish Health and Sanitation at the Fishery and Marine Ministry, said that the country was considering using a KHV vaccine developed in Israel, and would be testing it both in the field and in the laboratory prior to more widespread use.

The report says that the virus first hit Indonesia during an outbreak that took place in Java in 2003 and caused an 80% decline in fish production. Further outbreaks were reported by Practical Fishkeeping in Sumatra in 2004.

If used, the vaccines would have to be imported via Thailand, as Indonesia and Israel do not have diplomatic ties.

The Israeli vaccine is currently not licensed for use in the UK. It is legal to import fish that have been vaccinated with the vaccine, but it is not legal to vaccinate the fish in the UK.

Opinion is divided on the safety of the technique within the Koi community.

As we reported in April 2005 the scientists behind the work believe the technique is safe and poses little risk to unvaccinated or naiive fish, but others remain dubious of the technique.